A Capital Trio Talk Tech Episode 5 — Adobe and OpenAtrium Extravaganza

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Wel­come to episode 5! Just Teresa and Pas­cal this week as Andy is over­seas. The two dis­cuss alter­na­tives to the Adobe prod­uct line for folks work­ing in the web world (so raster and vec­tor image edi­tors and text/​code edi­tors) after Teresa has been re-​considering her posi­tion on Adobe and it’s pric­ing. Pas­cal has for while been using the free and open source image edi­tors The GIMP and Inkscape so he’ll be shar­ing his thoughts on those.

In the sec­ond seg­ment Pas­cal inter­views Ian Cairns, the project man­ager from Devel­op­ment Seed, a com­mu­ni­ca­tion strate­gies busi­ness based in Wash­ing­ton D.C. who recently released their intranet and project man­age­ment sys­tem as an open source project. Open Atrium, the pack­age, rests nicely on top of the already pop­u­lar open source con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem Dru­pal and installs in a breeze.

The inter­view covers:

* the run­down;
* the licens­ing of the project;
* the server require­ments for run­ning Open Atrium your­self;
* the fea­ture list;
* the story behind Open Atrium;
* cool use cases, includ­ing the World Bank;
* the big ques­tion: ‘can this replace the almost indus­try de facto stan­dard project man­age­ment pack­age Base­Camp from 37 Sig­nals’?;
* trans­la­tions and multi-​lingual sup­port;
* doc­u­men­ta­tion, and help­ing out.

# Links in order of appearance

  1. Teresa’s Twit­ter profile
  2. Pascal’s Twit­ter profile
  3. Aviary soft­ware
  4. Acorn
  5. The GIMP
  6. Inkscape
  7. Corel Painter
  8. Notepad++
  9. Coda
  10. Text­Mate
  11. Devel­op­ment Seed
  12. Open Atrium
  13. GitHub — online source revi­sion con­trol with free host­ing for open source projects
  14. Dru­pal — open source CMS
  15. Open Atrium translations
  16. Open Atrium Twit­ter profile
  17. Ian Cairns’ Twit­ter profile

We’ve decided to switch the show to a when-​we-​feel-​like-​it sched­ule because Andy has bug­gered off to Europe for a month and Teresa will also head over­seas for a while at the end of Sep­tem­ber. Don’t worry though — we’ll all be back and in the mean time we’ll be bring­ing in a num­ber of cool peeps to chat with in interviews.

The show as usual is licensed under the Cre­ative Com­mons Attribution-​Noncommercial-​Share Alike 2.5 Aus­tralia license — take, share and be merry. And of course, stay tuned for more shows and interviews.

Finally, we want to pass along another thanks to Dean Klemick for giv­ing us two Singstar USB micro­phones which we hope you may noticed in some form through the improve­ment in audio qual­ity. Thanks Dean!

Show run-​time: 60 minutes.

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