Sep 9 2009

Aswan, Egypt

Cur­rently in a hos­tel in Aswan, the Key­laney. Highly rec­om­mended. Aswan far South, up the Nile toward Sudan. Sur­rounded by harsh, unfor­giv­ing desert, it´s a shock­ing blaze of green along one of the cleaner parts of the Nile river. No croc­o­diles though, thanks to Nasser´s dam.

Got here by overnight train. Didn´t man­age to make it out to the tomb of Ram­ses II, which would´ve been cool, but requires one to book ahead a few days and get up at a ridicu­lous hour to avoid bak­ing in the desert heat. Never mind, another time.

Floated up and down the Nile on a fal­luc­cia yes­ter­day, see­ing some of the islands here (this is site of ancient ivory trad­ing sta­tion, many old tombs). Peo­ple here very friendly, espe­cially com­pared to Cairo folk. Got pulled into a shop run by a guy call­ing him­self Anto­nio Ban­deras, just to talk. He didn´t even try to sell us any­thing. Smart, smart kid.

Many sto­ries to tell, not enough time to tell them (yet). Off on fal­luc­cia cruise up the Nile to Kobumbo (sp?) in half an hour, will take 48 hours. Should be beau­ti­ful! Then 1–2 days to see Val­ley of the Kings before we have to return to Europe (life is so hard for me).


(On this key­board, that smi­ley face was a hell of an effort!)

Jul 2 2009

Sea Change

In about 2 months’ time, I’m plan­ning to be in Europe for at least a month. I’ll pack up, leave Can­berra, and spend 4 weeks kick­ing back overseas.

I may not come back.

Well, not to Can­berra, any­way. I’m feel­ing a strong urge to relo­cate, to be some­where else. There are peo­ple that I dearly love in Can­berra, but I do not care for it as a city. Peo­ple tend to be closed off; there’s a pre­vail­ing atti­tude of snob­bery and affected elit­ism that I can’t abide. In short, there’s a lot of pre­ten­tious wankers here.

Plus, it’s bit­terly bloody cold.

I’m con­sid­er­ing a shift to Mel­bourne, where I have a lot of friends and fam­ily. It’s all very up-​in-​the-​air. Assum­ing Europe goes ahead, I may sim­ply give up my cur­rent place in a share house and make some deci­sions when I get back.

Time to hit the road.

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