Jan 27 2009

Andy’s back, baybee.

That’s right, I’m back on the Inter­net! Refreshed, reju­ve­nated and ready to dive back into the may­hem. I’ve returned to Can­berra, Aus­tralia after two and a bit weeks in Thai­land. I fully intend to blog a bit about my expe­ri­ence over there, with pic­tures — I took copi­ous notes about what I got up to, but I’ll prob­a­bly just sum­marise some of the best bits for posterity.

My pri­or­ity for the moment, how­ever, is get­ting a bit of free­lance work done so I can pay the bills and feed myself; an equal pri­or­ity is pol­ish­ing up my resume and get­ting that off to a bunch of recruiters so I can track down a new job.

I’m not sure where I’m going to end up — which is both excit­ing and daunt­ing — but I’m think­ing about mak­ing a move to Mel­bourne, pro­vid­ing there’s a good job on offer. I could also stay in Can­berra for 3 months, to save a bit of money before I make the big move. All options are on the table.

Jan 6 2009

A Much-​Needed Holiday.

Well, so much for my to-​do item marked ‘Update blog’. Oops. Between fam­ily reunions, shut­ting down LGS, Christ­mas and New Years and look­ing after a friends’ dogs, some uncom­fort­able legal wran­glings, free­lanc­ing to pay my bills, try­ing to get long over­due and extremely crit­i­cal work done… the blog sort of fell by the wayside.

I’ve got won­der­ful plans for a few infor­ma­tive blog posts in the new year, but my first pri­or­ity is to take an extremely over­due hol­i­day to Thai­land for 2 weeks. I haven’t had a proper break in 3 years. I often found myself turn­ing down hol­i­day oppor­tu­ni­ties because I didn’t have the cash­flow at the time, and felt too respon­si­ble for my small busi­ness to let go for that long — LGS never quite made it to the point where any of us could step away for any length of time.

Sadly, the result has been one very burnt-​out Andy. There have been days where even glanc­ing at a com­puter screen felt phys­i­cally painful, and cod­ing has gone from being fun to being a chore more often than I would like to admit.

So, for the next 2 weeks, I’m off the grid. I won’t be con­tactable by phone. I won’t even look at my email (well, maybe small glances to check if my fam­ily and friends are OK). I’m hop­ing to go entire days with­out even sight­ing a computer.

On my return, things should liven up around here a lit­tle more — but until then, best of luck every­one! I might cast a thought your way while I enjoy mas­sages on the beach. :)

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